Monday, March 16, 2015

Mom's Need (HOT) Fairy Tales

Most every young girl who sees Disney’s new Cinderella will dream about being a princess.   She’ll wish for balls, beautiful dresses, and a handsome prince.   But what will the mothers dream about?  They know the fairy tale isn’t true – not the way it appears in movies.   They know that marriage to the prince still requires them to do a lot of the same drudge chores they were doing before.  Balls and opportunities to wear beautiful gowns and the desire – or ability – to wear high heels don’t come around often, if at all.

And yet…

We are still captivated by the story, wish for the fantasy, hope for more.   I believe Cinderella has the potential to be a strong heroine, which is why I put her in charge in my novel The Glass Stiletto.  There’s no way a smart woman would agree to another situation where others were in charge of her, so instead of the traditional male dominant story, in this story, Cinderella (now named Mariella) gets to have a say in her future and in how her life will play out, in and out of the bedroom.   

Cinderella is no child – it’s time she enjoyed an adult tale.  With a kinky twist.

There is nothing wrong with the princess myth – it simply needs a chance to grow up, just as all princesses do.   In this third wave of feminist interpretation, we have a wonderful opportunity to embrace all the aspects of that make us feel empowered.   To me, this most especially includes our sexual empowerment.  If the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey showed us anything is that woman are hungry for something that has eluded them for too long.   Detractors may want to label it “mommy porn” and by doing so make less of it, but the truth is, it’s a magnificent part of a woman’s lifelong journey for joy and fulfillment.   

For too long women have not fully embraced their desires – in and out of the bedroom.  We wait for later.  We look for other things to do. We decide it’s not important. We’re wrong.  I believe we deserve our desires. They can define us and guide us in exciting and empowering ways.  They can inform our decisions and bring us a thrill that overflows to all areas of our life. Chances are we won’t have all of them all the time, but that’s what living a full life is for. When I create a heroine in my novel, my goal is to put her on a journey that shows her all she is capable of – joy, passion, success, and more. And then I give her a hero who loves her all the more for being complete. 

After all, if little girls want to be princesses, shouldn’t we show them the type of women those princesses can grow up to be?

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